Preparatory Seminar International Student Projects 2018/2019

Written by Corinne Köpfli

On 11 February 2019, the preparatory seminar of the International Student Projects Insight China, Focus India, connectUS and exploreASEAN started.

Dr. Crispino Bergamaschi, President of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, opened the seminar week. In his speech, Dr. Bergamaschi highlighted the practical orientation of the university and its importance when preparing students for their future. The International Student Projects allow students to learn from new cultures and to grow on a personal level. The goal of these projects is not to send students abroad in order for them to tell people in China, America, India or ASEAN what they need to do. The goal is rather to let students learn from different cultures and become better than before.

Then, Mr. Marc Blaser, CEO of Blaser Swisslube, welcomed the participants and talked about how Switzerland and Blaser need to stay competitive in order to be successful. There is always competition and nowadays competition is becoming more severe, especially with the strong Swiss Franc. Blaser, in general, focuses on innovation and productivity. The company strives to achieve either defined value at lower costs, more value at same costs or more value at lower relative costs.
Students can benefit from such international projects by learning what other people with different backgrounds and values do to be successful. Although we have all the digital means, the people make the difference. You chose your attitude and how you behave. You need to create your own brand. Find your own way, use your intelligence and use your common sense. Challenge your own view and get out of the comfort zone. If you want something, you will find a way. If you don’t want to do it, you will find one thousand excuses. You have only one life, so make the most out of it. Have the courage and to do it. Be open, be respectful and utilize to become better. Whenever you think about doing something, go out and do it.

After the joint morning, each project started with their own schedule of the preparatory seminar.

Daniel and Jasmin moderating the joint morning.

More information about the International Student Projects can be found here.