Day 2 – Preparatory Seminar 2019

The second day of the Preparatory Seminar of the International Student Projects continued with very encouraging and fascinating speakers. The emphasis of Tuesday lies on the project exploreASEAN. 

Insights into Singapore with Mrs. Mei Qin Schärer-Lim

Ms. Mei Qin Schärer-Lim, Education & Strategy Implementation Manager at EULAR, gave us insights into one of our on-site destinations, which is the city-state of Singapore, also known as the Lion City. Ms. Schärer-Lim explained that this flourishing city-state is often described as the Switzerland of Asia. As a matter of fact, Singapore and Switzerland are often compared and share some commonalities, but they also differ in certain aspects. Two strong commonalities of both countries are for instance the small size and the economic strength. An interesting fact about Ms. Schärer-Lim is that she is actually an alumnus of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and that she is also a former project management team member of InsightChina, our sister project. Thus, she was able to perfectly advise our delegation, and also our project management team, on how to prepare best for our upcoming trip to Singapore.

Coopetition in ASEAN with Prof. Dr. Hadad, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Switzerland

Today we were especially honored to welcome Prof. Dr. Hadad, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Switzerland, who gave us a fascinating presentation about the ASEAN region, with the focus of Indonesia. We were curious to learn about the key numbers of the ASEAN market. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Hadad also included aspects of this year’s theme “Coopetition in ASEAN”, which were particularly appreciated by us. In his presentation, he explained some of the key challenges of ASEAN, which included factors such as political stability, corruption, the maintenance of collaboration and the vocational and educational importance. He also highlighted that the current topic digitalization should be emphasized more on how to correctly implement digitalization in societies. Furthermore, he pointed out that Indonesia is not only focusing on economic growth but also on sustainability. Indonesia is aiming to combine the people, the profit and the earth in order to grow.

Workshop with Mr. Patrick Kriesemer, Vice-President of the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Kriesemer has already presented an overview of the ASEAN region on our first day of our seminar. Today, Mr. Kriesemer again paid a visit to our seminar to work on ASEAN case studies together with our delegation, which brought up a very interesting discussion. His valuable contribution to our seminar was much appreciated by everyone!

From Boardroom to Newsroom with Mrs. Minh Tran, Head of Corporate External Communications

Ms. Minh Tran gave us another interesting presentation with the topic: From Boardroom to Newsroom: Giant Networks, Gentle Communication – Every Connection Counts. She has mentioned the goals of communication, that stories need to be aligned to business, the significance to convince senior leaders to engage in communication efforts, the importance to partnering with agencies in order to strengthen reputations, and last but not least that it is essential to expand networks.

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