Day 3 – Company Visit

On the third day of the Preparatory Seminar, connectUs scheduled company visits at Google and Deloitte.

When entering the Google Office in the morning with Javier Bargas, Head of UX Experience at Google, we were immediately encountered with the most cliché situation everyone could have imagined. While Javier was explaining us the special architecture inside the offices, a typical Google employee was working on a computer while simultaneously walking on a treadmill. Can it be more Googley?

Already impressed by its opportunities and exclusively designed working spaces, we passed by massage and hair salons, game rooms and lots of delicious snacking opportunities and open coffee rooms. Along with the office tour, Javier also introduced us to his field of work in the User Experience department. He nicely demonstrated the importance of reaching a common understanding between the Engineers / Architectures of a product and the Users according to the book of Donald Norman – The Design of Everyday Things. He understandably pointed out that errors in a product are not caused by human mistakes but rather by design errors.

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