Meet Panalpina & Google – Two Giants In Logistics & Technology!

Written by My Linh Nguyen

Having an over-120-year history, Panalpina is one of the world’s leading providers of supply chain focusing on Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Logistics and Manufacturing, and Energy and Project Solutions.

exploreASEAN team had a visit at Panalpina Logistics Center in Singapore.

With more than 500 offices in around 70 countries, Panalpina is organized into four regions and the headquarter resides in Basel, Switzerland. Among which, Singapore was chosen as the strategic location for Panalpina logistic center due to its important role in East and West economic gateway and one of the world’s most important trade routes.

Accompanied by Mr. Edwin Wan, the Country Head of Logistics Singapore and Malaysia, the exploreASEAN team had a closer look at the logistics center. Panalpina’s new warehouse was finished in 2018 and has six floors covering over 27’000 square meters.

The center has 6 floors which covers over 27’000 square meters.

After the visit around the center, the team came to the conclusion that organizing a multi-story logistics center brings its own challenges, considering the weight and type of goods as well as its storing order and position. At the same time, it is crucial for Panalpina Singapore to take a strategic move in the near future due to threats of Singapore being bypassed by other ports and routes such as Kra Canal or East Coast Rail Link.

exploreASEAN team shared a view with Mr. Edwin Wan on the rooftop of the center.

Also known as a world leader, but in the technology and internet sector, Google is the name that literally anyone must have heard nowadays. Entering the Google office in Singapore, the exploreASEAN team was impressed by the working environment, full of motivation and creativity. With 2’500 employees, Google Singapore, which serves as the headquarter for the Asia-Pacific region, is operated across 16 floors in three different buildings. Having shown around by young passionate engineers, the team explored that in Google, the workplace but also the “chill” place, can be anywhere, or even in the same place. Furthermore, Google in Singapore has a TGIF mentality, meaning that every Friday, relaxing activities such as playing board games and having drinks will be held to bring people closer to each other.

What a stunning tour exploreASEAN team had with Google Singapore!

Passing through all the game and massage rooms, exploreASEAN had the pleasure to gain more insights of Google thanks to the chief of staff Ms. Wiwi Goh and the interaction designer Ms. Karen Zhang. With the vision of organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful, Google stresses the importance of having access to the Internet in modern life. According to the company, there will be 5 billion internet users by 2025. Realizing the gap in daily life that can be filled up by internet access, Google Station has been developed to provide WIFI in train stations in six countries. At the same time, “Building for billions”, deliver the best user performance is what Google aims at. Focusing on Google’s regional office in Singapore, its main tasks are analyzing the users in the office’s region and building valuable customer experiences. One of their insights is that users in this region are mostly mobile and their prediction is that in the future they will have mobile users only. Therefore, Google’s goal is to restructure their applications and platforms in a way that it is more user-friendly on mobile devices.