Windy Affair at the Wildhorse Wind Farm

Written by Barbara Matic

While the company visits in LA were accompanied by sunshine, the connectUS team had a somewhat different experience in Seattle. The first visit in Seattle was marked through cold weather and a rather snowy affair at the PSE Wildhorse Wind Farm located in Ellensburg.

Kristin Ashley, the Event manager of the Farm welcomed us at the Visitors Center in the morning and gave us an interesting presentation about Puget Sound Energy company which owns hydro, thermal and wind facilities all over the State. The oldest local energy utility serves more than 1 million electric customers and up to 750’000 natural gas customers in 10 counties. Before the guided tour around the wind mills, Ashley explained us the components of a wind turbine and its functions as for example the pitch cylinder.

Due to the fact that the weather was very cloudy we could only grasp a short view at the wind turbines. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see the insight of a wind turbine and its height was quite impressive too.

Thanks to the Wild Horse Windfarm the facility offers a habitat to wolf, deer, snakes, lizards and other wild animals. Also, our environmental students of the connectUS team were excited about the journey at the farm. The motivation of the group even stayed on the 2 hours journey back to Seattle accompanied by great music and talks. All in all, it was a good start at the Washington State!