ISPs Preparatory Seminar 2021 Highlights

In this year of ISPs Preparatory Seminar, a special edition has been carried out which was held 100% virtually due to the impact of COVID-19. Many activities had been changed to adapt to the new concept but the teams of all 4 projects had shown their flexibilities and new mindsets to organize an insightful week with a lot of memorable stories to share.  

Bertschi unveils their newest global logistics hub with Insight China
Insight China had the honor to have had a virtual company visit at Bertschi Group in the Preparatory Seminar 2021. The virtual visit was full of impressive topics and discussions. One of them was the fact that despite COVID-19, Bertschi Group successfully managed to move forward.

Shorly before the beginning of 2021, Bertschi Group launched its biggest single investment in its history. They started with the construction of a logistics hub for dangerous liquid chemicals in Zhangjiagang, in the greater Shanghai area.

On the 67,000 m2 site, three warehouses for different classes of dangerous goods, with a total capacity of 25,000 pallets, are being built. In addition, a dangerous goods containerized tankfarm will be developed with a capacity of around 1,000 tank containers for the storage of entire liquid cargoes. The expansion of automatic drum-and IBC-filling systems and tank container heating stations will make a complete logistics hub for the handling, filling and deposite of liquid chemical products in China.

Video 1: Virtual Company visit at Bertschi Group

Thank you again Betschi Group for enabling us to have a virtual company visit! xiè xiè!

Picture 1: Bertschi Liquids Hub Zhanjiagang

Focus India gets hands on with Chapatis
The Focus India team had many highlights throughout the Preparatory Seminar, with each speaker offering a unique perspective on India. We learned cultural aspects about India, were able to hear more about sustainability and the future in India through various speakers, and virtually visited businesses. The interactive Indian cooking class with Vanessa Mehri from Swahili Food stood out because she really managed to animate and motivate the delegation to participate in the cooking lessons. Everyone could ask questions about the preparation of the food, about India and the culture.

Vanessa showed them how to prepare chapati at home. It was very exciting to listen to her stories about the historical background while preparing the unleavened style flatbread. Although everyone had to cook at home, the delegation was very active and engaged while following her cooking demonstration. 

According to Nicole Lehmann from the delegation: “The cooking session was my highlight of the Preparatory Seminar!”

Picture 2: Happy faces after the Indian cooking class
Picture 3: Arbenita Mjaki and Oliver Sommer presenting their Chapatis

Motivated to Think Design with  Deloitte at Connect US  
The Deloitte virtual Design Thinking Workshop challenged connectUS21 delegates to help create motivation activities for home office workers during the pandemic.  

Three Deloitte digital department team members introduced the Design Thinking Approach, a people-centered process to design a product which enables the rapid development of new ideas by considering customer experience.

Picture 4: Prototypes of the different ideas

The session was very interactive, and the delegations were asked to put the learnings into action directly. Separated into four groups, they needed to think of how to motivate their employees working from home during the pandemic. The process included defining a persona, a problem statement framing, ideation, and a prototype. Each group came up with its unique idea from sharing tools for your DIYS workplace @home to work Instagram, coffee chats for new joiners, and an interactive platform with events to subscribe to. Undeniably, it was a fun, interactive, and memorable afternoon because of the active participation and new learnings for everyone. Thanks Deloitte! 

Picture 5: Design Thinking

A taste of Vietnam with Explore ASEAN
After 2 intensive days with many insightful speeches and presentations about Southeast Asia, the delegations had earned a deeper knowledge about the region and showed their excitement for the coming events. Therefore, on Wednesday, the team of exploreASEAN had organized an intermission activity for their delegations with the virtual cooking class. They had the honor to welcome two representatives from the Vietnamese Embassy, who were Ms. Khuat T. Hong Thanh and Mr. Nguyen Ba Sang came to the FHNW and showed the participants how to prepare the two most well-known Vietnamese dishes that are Nem Rán (fry spring roll) and Nộm (the indigenous salad of Northern cuisine).

Video 2: Recap of the virtual cooking session

The delegations had been sent a package of fresh and well-prepared ingredients in advance and follow up with a live instructed session on MS Teams. They were all excited to take on the role of being their own chef and enjoying the food with their loved ones in the comfort of their homes. Despite the distancing, all of the delegations had a really memorable time together as they not only had a chance to learn more about Vietnamese culture and interact more with each other.

Picture 6: Some of the great works shared by the delegation

Despite the unusual circumstances, together all the teams have worked their way out of volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity to organize a successful and unforgettable week for participants. Many of the activities had been changed to adapt to the new seminar concept but they had tackled the issues and overcome the obstacles to bring new experiences for the participants such as being able to reach out to a larger number of guest speakers who were not in Switzerland or they could record all of the sessions easily.  Alongside the support from the FHNW representatives and their supervisors, the 4 projects made the best out of the situation and not allowing the geography differences to be a barrier to their competency and efficiency. 

The ISPs teams had started the week with challenges and closing up with a noteworthy seminar, which makes us all exciting yet curious for the On-site Seminar which is about to come.